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Valencia Senior Hockey League

     Ice Station Valencia is committed to providing the finest hockey programs for all skill levels. The Valencia Senior Hockey Leagues’ objective is to match up teams of equal ability to insure a fun and challenging experience.

Ice Station Valencia offers 2 VSHL seasons per year. The Spring-Summer season starts annually in March/ April and the Fall-Winter campaign starting in September. Currently the VSHL has over 400 adult players participating in 6 divisions.

The divisions are as follows:
Level I- This division is the highest level of play offered in the VSHL. Players participating in this division have had some Professional, Collegiate or Junior playing experience.

Level II- This division is geared towards the upper intermediate player. Players in this division may have had some Collegiate or Junior experience but most are experienced recreational players.

Level III- This division is geared towards the more experienced novice player who has acquired the skills developed as an adult player and is looking to play at a more competitive level.

Upper Novice- This division is geared towards the more experienced developmental player looking to take their acquired skills and play at the next level.

Novice- This division is for the beginner player who is either new to the game or is still developing their skills but want to play in a live game atmosphere.

Over 40
- All players turning 40 years during the current season they are registered for are eligible to play in this division. This is an open division that has players of all skill levels blended among each of the teams. The goal of this division is to play competitive hockey with your peers.

OGHL- The OGHL is a new and exciting co-ed hockey league.

  • The OGHL is designed to offer the best aspects of adult hockey, with balanced competition that is fun and social. It is for players 40 and older of all skill levels and features fixed rosters, stats, standings and playoffs just like you are used to but with a few additions from Pond Hockey and Pickup that make this format unique and different.
  • 5 on 5, with four teams of 10-players-plus-goalie
  • All rosters back-filled by 'spares' to ensure two full lines per team each game, with team captains making roster adjustments in advance of each game.
  • 'Spares' are players who cannot commit to the full season but are available to be called up from the pool as substitutes at the same skill level as the roster player being replaced; paying a fee for each game they participate in.
  • 9 games plus playoffs season (11 games total for each team) with continual redrafting after each season keeps the league balanced and encourages fair and fun play
  • One referee to regulate the game (with this format there is not as much neutral-party supervision needed)
  • Minimal stoppages in play.
  • No icing
  • No face-offs except for the start of each period
  • Off side, goals and goalie stoppages result in the puck being taken out like in pick up.
  • All minor penalties result in live penalty shots. Creates a more serious consequence for penalties, discouraging the chippy, rough play and ensuring other players don't have to miss their shifts.
The VSHL features the following for all divisions:
  • Play under United Hockey Union Rules and Guidelines
  • Certified officials
  • Player of the Game Awards.
  • 20 Regular season games plus playoffs for qualifying teams (Over 40 Plays 16  games, OGHL plays 11)
  • State of the art facility with 2 ice surfaces(NHL & Olympic), full service Pro Shop open 7 days a week and a full service Restaurant with Bar open after all games.
  • Large locker rooms with individual stalls & showers
  • End of Season Individual Player Awards (Top Scorer, Best Defenseman, Sportsmanship and Top Goalie)
  • Web based statistics, schedule and league information via Sportability
  • Individual Championship trophies and engraved team nameplate on the VSHL Cup for league champions

  • Novice thru Level I- Individual player cost for all seasons is $585 if paid in full at time of registration. If the 2 payment plan is taken, the cost is $610 or we now offer a 3 payment plan that runs $625. (signed credit card authorization form with credit card # must be on file with league office)
  • Over 40- Individual player cost for all seasons is $475 if paid in full at time of registration. If the 2 payment plan is taken, the cost is $495 (signed credit card authorization form with credit card # must be on file with league office)
  • OGHL- Individual player cost for all seasons is $325

Registration/ Documentation requirements:

  • Completed UHU Online Membership
  • Completed VSHL registration form, waiver and credit card authorization (if using payment plan).
  • Required Equipment:
  • HECC certified helmet
  • Hockey Stick
  • Hockey Skates
  • Hockey Pants
  • Athletic supporter or pelvic protector
  • Elbow pads
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Shin Guards
  • Home and away team jerseys with a permanently affixed number.
Direct all adult hockey inquires to,
John Fregeau- Hockey Administrator (661) 775-8686 ext. 230, email

27745 North Smyth Drive Valencia California Tel: 661.775.8686 Fax: 661.775.8681