Meet the Valencia Flyers New Head Coach!

by Chelese Jensen


I am honored to have been selected as the new Head Coach and General Manager of the Valencia Flyers Junior A Hockey Team.  As a veteran team in the Western States Hockey League, the Valencia Flyers can boast to be one of the premier teams in the league.  As such, I pledge to dedicate myself to build and coach the best possible team for this upcoming season.


My time as a former professional hockey player has allowed me to naturally evolve as a “player’s coach" and as the game has evolved, it has also become imperative that coaches adapt to this new-aged game. 

I like to play a fast paced, skilled game with an emphasis on discipline, structure and puck possession. 


My primary goal will be to build a solid defensive core which is essential to be a successful team.  The proper discipline will lead a player to play with confidence which is critical to playing with creativity and achieving personal and team successes. 


I plan to utilize all the contacts that I have established around the world and to use them to the team’s advantage to ensure that we have the best team possible for this season and all subsequent seasons. 


In addition, I plan to not only focus on building every player’s personal and team skills but to instill the necessary life lessons needed to succeed in this highly competitive world. Achieving these goals will ensure that all Valencia Flyers players will leave this team confident that they are better hockey players and better men ensuring their success in life and personal endeavors.


At every point in recruiting, I will be seeking players that are dedicated, hard workers that always display a desire to win. 


“Buying into a winning, structured culture is the formula for success”

Shane McColgan 


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